Nellie Nichols – Food Consultant

An acclaimed expert within the Food Industry who has been listed as one of the top 10 women in that sector by the national press. An effective leader and ‘hands-on’ manager of people, achieving success by developing and engaging her team. Commercially driven to achieve both customer and corporate objectives. Nellie has the unique ability to innovatively develop and upgrade products and recipes whilst maintaining a strong commercial perspective.  In addition to the UK Nellie works extensively throughout Europe and internationally in the States, Australia and Kuwait as well as many other countries.

In May 2009 Nellie was awarded the British Sandwich Industry Award. This Lifetime Achievement Award is given to an individual or business who is considered by the judges to have made a major contribution to the development, growth and prosperity of the industry. Nellie is the first woman to have received this award.

Nellie is a member of The Guild of Food Writers.

She offers consultancy for any of your Food Development needs including NPD, training and sourcing across retail, manufacture, Food to Go and restaurants.


New product development in all food categories including:

  • Fast Food and Food to Go (including all burger, noodle, pizza and pasta concepts)
  • Sandwiches and sandwich ingredients
  • Salads
  • Soups
  • Mayonnaises, sauces, chutneys and dressings
  • Produce and fruit
  • Juices and drinks ranges
  • Ready meals
  • Dairy
  • Cooked meats and fish products
  • Cakes
  • Bakery products and breads
  • Desserts


  • Innovation techniques
  • How to achieve Blue Sky thinking more quickly
  • How to brainstorm successfully
  • Product brief techniques
  • The Edible Highway Code Programme: Better understanding of the tastes and visual power of food
  • Setting up NPD Libraries and Innovation Centres

Product launches:

  • Designing effective critical paths
  • Experienced marketing support
  • Artwork co-ordination

Ingredient and product sourcing and development:

  • Sourcing the right ingredients for your business
  • Developing new and bespoke products
  • Improving existing ingredients
  • Working with suppliers on specific briefs
  • Undertaking and overseeing all types of factory trials to completion and sign off

Value engineering of current products:

  • Removing cost but maintaining quality
  • Multi use menu planning
  • Streamlining sku’s and bought in ingredients to capitalise on high sellers and minimum waste

Menu development and upgrading:

  • Transforming your products to become Best in Class

Manufacturing troubleshooting:

  • Saving labour in the production of your products to achieve better commercial results

Website design for food companies:

  • Nellie has a small team who work with her specializing in designing, modernising or simply upgrading websites for food companies.
  • This includes Georgia Davey who is responsible for the technical side and is highly proficient, Sam Stowell, renowned food photographer and Nellie who designs the overall site, writes content and art directs all photography according to the brief.
  • These websites are put together in very reasonable time frames, with great attention to detail, and are very cost efficient. Examples of their work include Nellie’s own website and and

Food culture programmes:

  • Group workshops both in the UK and abroad, tailor made to suit individual or general food categories

Often just a few days long these programmes provide the perfect platform for team building. They also involve and educate those who do not necessarily work directly with food to glean a better understanding of the importance of how their role integrates with it.

An example of one of the programmes Nellie has organised was taking a large group of Area Managers from a leading Food To Go retail company to Umbria in Italy along with Jeremy Lee, chef at the famous Quo Vardis in London. Staying in a remote house in the hills the group spent three days shopping and sourcing ingredients at the local markets and cooking in groups recipes that included making bread, salads, soups, sandwiches, cakes and desserts, all products relevant to their business model.  In addition there were organised tastings of ingredients and wines to give an in depth understanding of the different areas of Italy.

Food writing/marketing :


  • Design and sourcing


  • Finding the right photographer/Food Stylist
  • Producing and attending the shoot
  • Delivering the photographic brief

Finding you the right supplier:

  • For a specific brief, particular process or a individual ingredient