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Food articles written by Nellie Nichols, which include restaurant reviews, international sandwich and snack news, and Food to Go reviews.

Poncho 8

Hot and Healthy

Mexican food to go outlets have been springing up all over London in recent years and the trend shows no sign of abating. Many appear to come from the same mould, but one in particular, Poncho 8, stands sombrero and shoulders ahead of the rest. Nellie Nichols saddled up and paid a call. I’ve got this […]

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Benugo shopfront

Bringing Home The Bacon

Benugo has been at the forefront of innovation and excellence ever since the first sandwich bar opened in 1998. Now a vast empire, turning over £82m this year and enjoying massive growth, particularly since merging with Baxter Story, it continues to uphold those founding values. Nellie Nichols talks to co-founder Ben Warner at his newly-opened […]

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Pickle & Rye interior

Pickle & Spice & All Things Nice

Consultant Nellie Nichols rejoins Sandwich & Snack News as a regular contributor in this issue. In the first of her new series she visits Pickle & Rye’s brilliant new sandwich shop in Sheen Lane, London. It’s lovely to be back with you again pen in hand so to speak … I feel I’ve been to […]

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Pickle & Rye menu board

Pickle & Rye

The Eagle has landed I sometimes work from home in the little cranny, which acts as my office. Anyone who does this knows it throws up many plusses but a few minuses too. On the plus side it does drastically reduce the amount of mind-bogglingly boring trips I have to make to the local post […]

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M&S Baker Street shop front

Not Just Any Trial

M&S opened its new food to go trial concept in Baker Street, London at the end of last year. Unlike Sainsbury’s recently failed Fresh Kitchen trial, ‘Food on the Move’ is a more closely focused venture, which successfully combines hot and cold food, and should be a great success… with a few tweaks. Convenience stores […]

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Juice Bar

The New Espresso

Joe & The Juice was started ten years ago by Kasper Basse in Denmark. It’s a modern bright funky place, which by attracting droves of young Danes, has now successfully grown to over twenty stores just in Denmark, with three opening in Hamburg shortly, one due in Stockholm, and now four open in London. Nellie […]

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Salt of the Earth

Foxcroft and Ginger Exceptionally executed food is worth paying for and, most importantly, worth returning for. London sandwich bar Foxcroft and Ginger brings a very big smile to Nellie Nichols’ face “that only truly great food brings” I had no idea the original purpose of the pommel horse, when it was invented centuries ago, was […]

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