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A Secret in Fitzrovia

Richard Lilley’s two outstanding London sandwich and café bars break one of the fundamental rules of marketing: there’s no branding. Customers are still flocking there in droves, however, as the news spreads by word of mouth, but guided by the address rather than the name. Branding is as old as the hills. In the old […]

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Nellie Nichols’ Sandwich Surgery

Food consultant Nellie Nichols held a ‘Sandwich Surgery’ at the recent lunch! show, dispensing practical advice in response to audience questions. Q. How important is it to include innovative recipes in the offer, particularly given that most consumers tend to be fairly conservative in buying sandwiches? A. Innovation is hugely important. If you put a […]

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Flat Planet Customer

A Rough Diamond

London’s new Leon offshoot Flat Planet may be an unorthodox operation, but its flat-bread sandwich offer is inspired – so good, in fact, that the El Diablo has now been added to Nellie Nichols’ current top five favourites, along with Mooli’s Goat Roti. August has to be one of my favourite months of the year: […]

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Hot Sandwich from the Earl of Sandwich

Well Bread

The Earl of Sandwich could be looking at “a big pot of gold” with his new London sandwich bar, if some of the initial teething troubles are sorted out. ‘Going into trade’ was apparently one of the worst things an aristocrat could ever do, along with “buying your own furniture” as the late Tory politician […]

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Fresh Baguettes

Coffee Pret Kitchen

Pret has announced new openings for its new concept, Coffee Pret Kitchen, aimed at giving the sandwich chain access to smaller towns. But Nellie Nichols has some misgivings about the food range and the shop design. In my younger days I had a more cavalier approach to life and a tendency to behave in a […]

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Sainsbury's New Fresh Kitchen

Sainsbury’s Fresh Kitchen

Sainsbury’s has taken a radical step with the opening of its new freshly-made sandwich bar format, Fresh Kitchen. Nellie Nichols went along to see how the new concept measures up against the very best. Nearly twenty years ago, the walk from Temple tube station to Fleet Street used to be part of my daily journey […]

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Moo Grill Spitalfields

Plenty to Moo About

New international sandwich concepts are arriving thick and fast in London, now surely the sandwich capital of the world. Nellie Nichols chases up one of the recent arrivals – the Argentinian Lomito, at the recently opened Moo Grill in Spitalfields. What an insular sandwich bubble I’ve been living in. I thought I had come across […]

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The Mexican Way

Chipotle has been a ‘must’ stop off for sandwich designers on ‘new retail trends’ tours, since it opened in London recently. Is all the fuss justified? Nellie Nichols joined the queue to find out. I don’t ever want to go to Mexico, I think it’s a texture thing. I can only visit a country if […]

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On Another Planet

Planet Organic has launched a range of organic sandwiches – Filling Station – in its London stores. Nellie Nichols went along to sample the new offerings. Although I care passionately about what I eat and where it comes from, I’m afraid I do sit very comfortably on the organic fence. I buy organic milk because […]

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